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Ottawa Bus Ad image of boy saying microFIT Solar System can pay for yearly property taxes

Solar Income $ 4,700
less loan payments - $ 1,955
less Hydro admin- $ 75
less insurance - $ 220
Annual Profit $ 2,450
Calculator financial break down of yearly profit from microFIT Solar project

Solar's Annual Reward Program

Image of boy from Ottawa bus ad for paying property taxes with microFIT Solar project

"I like the way these numbers add up. It makes that tax bill go away every year.

So we can spend our money on
better things - maybe a puppy?"

Solar Income $ 4,700
x 20 years $ 94,000
plus interest earned on re-invested income+ $ 31,700
less loan payments - $ 39,800
less Hydro admin - $ 1,500
less insurance - $ 4,400
Tidy Profit $ 80,000
Calculator financial break down of 20 year profit from microFIT Solar project

Solar's 20 Year Savings Program

Image of girl from Ottawa bus ad for paying college tuition with microFIT Solar project

"It's going to take a lot of hard work just to get into the best school. It's a good thing I won't have to worry about tuition.

I wonder what my roommate will be like?"

How It Works

image of sun representing solar power image of house with solar power system installed image of money representing profit from microFIT solar power system
Every home in the Ottawa area can count on 1200 hours of direct sunlight every year.

(That's 40% more than Germany; the global leader in solar energy.)

  Solar panels on your roof turn that sunlight into clean power for the next 20 years.

Many local banks will loan you up to 100% of the cost of today's systems.

  You enjoy a Solar Income from all the power generated each year.

You reduce your home's
Carbon Footprint
and help to lower the
Peak Hydro Demand in your neighbourhood.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

You Decide

that Solar can work for you
You Choose

your Solar Installer
You Enjoy

the Solar Income!
... while reducing your

carbon footprint


We deliver premium value for a fair price
  • iSolara Solar Power has 10 years experience serving Eastern Ontario
  • We have installed 12,000 solar panels and counting!
  • Better Business Bureau rating of A+

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